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June – Indie Shaman

Many thanks for your professional and friendly service. The rapid growth of our website had left me unable to see the wood for the trees. Your website review pointed out many of the problems and issues it was so easy for us to miss. An external website review and evaluation really is invaluable!

You then provided both long term recommendations and immediate solutions for all our website problems together with the additional bonus of design tips and advice on how to put your tips into action. I'm sure our members will be as grateful as we are and I would highly recommend the your services to anyone who relies on their website as we do.

Jo - Calvium

“We were very happy with the documentation that Judith wrote for our AppFurnace product. She made the language clear and accessible to non technical users.”

Elaine – Orchard Farm Equitherapy

"Judith, thank you so much for all the hard work you put into optimising my website. I am really pleased with the results. It flows so much better and the layout is visually more appealing as well as being more informative and to the point. Thanks again - I will be recommending you to fellow website builders.

Gilly, Business Image Consultant

"I was stuck with the wording for my new website where I was wanting to launch another aspect of my business.
Judith really helped me to get clear and came up with the nitty gritty of what I wanted to say.  This was incredibly supportive and an invaluable part of the process of getting myself out there!

Tony – McKenna Smith Wessex

“We used Judith to help us plan and prepare our internet based training delivery. Judith's experience, expertise and approach were invaluable in helping us to clarify what we wanted and how and when to progress.”

Helen - For Effect

“Judith wrote the copy for my website that I would have like to be able to write for myself. She also made the whole process painless.”

Chris - Breathing Space Workshops

“Judith gave me some excellent advice that has helped me to make my website content much more attractive and accessible to my target audience. I can heartily recommend her work.”